Come join my community where you will find other moms dealing with some of the same situations and striving to find peace and joy in their homes as they communicate better and nurture the relationship with their children.




Parent Workshop    $37

This is a one-time, 20-minute presentation of the Massage Kidz Program! This promotional presentation is an ideal option for Mom's groups and clubs, playgroups, hospital support groups, library storytimes, children's shops, promotional events, etc. This presentation will not only teach basic massage strokes but will also inform your audience of the benefits of massaging children.

Balanced Baby Class  $50/each class

The Balanced Baby Massage Class is a 2-week program designed for babies, from birth to 12 months, and their parents and caregivers. In the Balanced Baby Class, we teach you basic massage strokes for babies and important information you will need to get started massaging your baby. You will also learn calming techniques and child development as well.

Tranquil Toddler Class $100/each class

The Tranquil Toddler Massage Class is a 4-week program designed with the growing & active toddler in mind. In the Tranquil Toddler class, we teach how to creatively adapt massage techniques for toddlers that may not have the attention span to sit and receive a massage in the traditional way, by using songs, rhymes, games, puppets, stories, stretching, and movement activities.
This 4-week play class for parents and their toddlers:
  • highlights the benefits of massaging your child at home
  • teaches massage & relaxation through fun games & stories
  • provides massage practice through delightful Massage Kidz song, rhymes, games, & stories
  • introduces play activities that reinforce important language, cognitive and social-emotional skills
  • brings families together to share their massage experiences