This morning as I was doing my devotionals with my husband, we were reading a devotional called "Increasing Your Bloom Ability," something stood out to me about independence being our greatest enemy and learning to live in Him being paramount for increasing our bloom ability. As I began to pray and thank God for how He is leading our family, I saw the Holy Spirit moving and showing me how He has already done so much in the past year. A year ago, I was struggling and working like a workaholic trying to make ends meet because I felt like my husband was not doing enough to make ends meet in our household. I was praying all the time and feeling so angry because he would come home early all the time, and I did not understand why I was working so much, and he was hardly working. But, as time went along, I realized it was not about me and it was not about him, it had always been about learning to depend on God for provisions, and when I began to be grateful for what I had and began to be grateful for my husband and our life together, God started to turn things around. I was no longer in my positions at work. God wanted me to see Him work things out, and not the other way around. I did not need to be dependent on myself, but I needed to see God doing things in my life.  In this COVID year 2020, the Lord provided for my family all year without me working!!! I worked maybe a tenth of what I normally worked and that was just because I wanted to. I had prayed that God would bless my husband to be able to lead our family in the way a leader needs to, and God has turned things around in our household to where he is up for a Lead position at work, and I am still home with our children as much as needed. I do a massage here and there, but not nearly like I used to, and I am becoming okay with it because I am happy to be there for my family in the way they need me to be. Being there for my family first is where I need to be and love for my family springs forth. A song comes to mind “Better Days Are Coming” by Le’Andria Johnson, and she says “Keep smiling because everything will be alright,” and I am going to do just that because my days are better as I allow God to do a work in me and I rest in His presence.
Be blessed,
Tabitha King 

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  1. Love it Tab!!! You are so strong! I think that all of us were raised to be strong women and leaders to the point where we have to take a step back and allow the man to find his way to lead through Christ!

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