Unruly Children
October 23, 2020
Earlier this week, I shampooed my carpets and today, my three-year old decided to take a crayon and color all over my carpet.  Anxiety and rage rose up in me quickly.  I screamed out, but this time, not at her.  Before I get into a rant I tell my older daughter to come and get her! I needed to talk to God.  I started to yell, "Lord help me! Help me not to go off on this child in front of me!!! I'm trying so hard not to keep yelling at her but she keeps doing things that's making me want to pick her up and throw her down! Lord, help me!" As I was screaming, she comes back in and I tell her I'm not done yet and she needs to go back because I was not ready to be calm to deal with her yet.  But, I could hear God at that moment because I went to Him instead of yelling my anxiety at her first, and He told me to Read from my devotional on 7-Day No More Yelling Moms in YouVersion, and I picked up my verse of the day and began reading it, and peace came over me.  The verse is Ephesians 4:29 and it says, "Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear."  Once I read that, I knew how to speak to my three-year old daughter in that moment.  I brought her to me and asked her if she knew what she did wrong, and she did.  So, I told her she did wrong there were consequences, and she must sit in a time out for 3 minutes and think about what she had done.  I must say, in past times of trying, this did not work, and I believe its because I went about it in my own emotional rage, but this time, she sat for the entire three minutes and we both had time to think.  I sprayed the area, and started to clean, but the Holy Spirit said to me to let her scrub the area where she made the mess.  Children need power and attention, and when I gave her control over the situation that she caused, she understood a lot better not to do it again.  I'm not saying there will not be any other problems, but wholeness and wellness is where well-being is where we want to get to and a sense of peace is what I needed in the moment.


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