Elder Tabitha M. King, LMT

My name is Tabitha King. I am a wife, an ordained minister, mother, sister and daughter and I love my family. I am musically inclined and love to sing and I am learning to play the piano. I studied at Liberty University Online and received my Master's degree in Divinity with a concentration in Pastoral counseling.  I am also a massage therapist and I have a passion and love for people and love the reward of seeing people more relaxed and happy when they walk out of my office. My goal is always to be of service helping people to STAY CALM AND RELAX!

Many years of my life I was very timid and did not speak publicly because I did not feel I had anything to offer. I felt like no one wanted to hear what I had to say, but God said No, I have something for you to say!  God has begun to use my voice and I'm here to help others who feel lost in this world find their voice and will to speak. It's time to reclaim your voice in this world! 

I believe we were brought together to learn from each other while transforming to a new mindset from overwhelm to restful and relaxed. 

Let's live genuinely as we show the world we are conquerors accomplishing all that God has for us to do while also resting in His presence.

Are you ready?

Elder Tabitha King, LMT  ❤️


Come join my community of heart centered over-comers who have dealt with stress and anxiety who are now showing up ready to grow in faith, letting their voice be heard, increasing their income, and succeeding beyond measure.

It’s your time for miracles to happen and success to begin.



Tabitha King is Now a #1 Best-selling Author!
First of many stories to come...
I am super excited about this collaboration with all these beautiful ladies who tell their deepest story, and I become very transparent and I am no longer living in fear of sharing my story with the world. I pray it encourages someone on their journey to know you are loved and you have a voice in this world!


Walk With Him: Your Journey With the Lord
Journal Download for Sale!
Have you ever felt stuck and did not know how to share what you were feeling deep down inside of you? I have been there and when I found out how to journal and write down what I was feeling, my thoughts began to flow in a way that I never imagined.

I began to read and study the Word of God more in order to receive God's wisdom through the Holy Spirit within me. I started to become more confident and my words just flowed more freely as I spent time building my relationship with the Lord. It can happen for you too!

This journal was made in hopes of helping you to write your feelings, thoughts, dreams, emotions, prayers, and whatever you are feeling deep inside on paper so you can begin to grow spiritually, and start to flourish in your life!